Masterclasses 2018

Masterclass - Law of Contract – Formation of Contract and Vitiating factors

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A comprehensive and highly interactive session which will bolster and consolidate key knowledge of these key areas and show you exam-answer busting strategies which will maximise performance and deliver the highest grades. A must for those studying for the LLB and GDL. Highly effective for those studying other programs involving the analysis and application of contract law.


Interactive session based on actual exam questions and hypotheticals. The Session will consider;

-          How to structure a First-Class answer

-          Separating facts and issues

-          Expressing yourself as a lawyer

-          How to use (and not to use) legal Authority

-          What the examiner wants to see

Content AM session (0930 -12.30) – AGREEMENT ESSENTIALS

Interactive analysis of the elements required for the formation of an enforceable contract in English law – a consistently examined area on LLB and GDL syllabuses

-          Key formation essentials – Identifying consensus

-          Offer & Acceptance; Termination of offers

-          Special cases – Agreements to agree

-          Contractual intention

-          Consideration including variation and discharge & rules on existing duties and part payment

Content PM Session (1400-1700) – VITIATING GROUNDS

Comprehensive analysis of the extremely examinable subject of the grounds on which an otherwise enforceable contract may be impugned in English law

-          Misrepresentation including damages and recission

-          The doctrine of common mistake in English law

-          The modern rules on duress and undue influence

-          Relationship between formation and vitiating factors

Presenter; Graeme Wood click here 

Dates 2018; 17 March
                    21 July
                    20 October 

Venue; Central London TBC


Agreement essentials                     £100 inc VAT (Price includes  Analysis Pack)

Vitiating Grounds                          £100  inc VAT (Price includes Analysis Pack )

Combined price for both sessions   £150.00 inc VAT

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