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We provide a full range of litigation dispute resolution services including advice, drafting, advocacy and representation in all courts in England and Wales. Our areas of expertise encompass common, contract, commercial and cross border law and practice. We represent clients ranging from some of the leading commercial; and Governmental organisations in Europe to individuals. We also provide expert training progarms in our areas of practice

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Collyer Bristow LLP Lawyers, London & Geneva

‘Unlike some seminars I attend I always found Europalaw’s particularly illuminating whether brushing up on a subject with which I am familiar or learning something new in the ever changing legal landscape. The materials they produce are excellent. I would highly recommend the services and products of Europalaw’

Rhory Robertson, Partner, Collyer Bristow LLP Lawyers London & Geneva


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Should I stay or should I go? The strange case of David Perry QC and a prosecution in Hong Kong

21-January-2021 12:02
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Protecting businesses from COVID19 related unsustainable debt

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The Great Repeal Lie - Civil Jurisdiction and Judgments in a post-Brexit landscape

26-March-2017 10:53
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The legal infrastructure post-Brexit is one of ease and simplicity we are told. A ‘Great Repea...

To appear or not to appear, that is the question - Avoiding a submission to the jurisdiction of a Foreign Court

18-March-2017 11:58
in General
by Admin

It has been said that ‘...the enforceability of any judgment is not the last issue to be addre...

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