About Us

We are a Barristers with expertise in contract, common, commercial and cross-border law & practice together with all aspects of civil procedure. Our knowlege and expertise is built on years of experience in legal practice, commerce and education. Whether lawyer, legal professional, law firm, commercial or other organisation, we bring all the advantages of legal mastery and market-place knowledge to you.

We are experienced in the realities of commerce and the business world and the need for effective cross-over between the legal and commercial worlds. We provide representation, litigation, consultancy and support services to law firms, commercial organisations and individuals together with expert legal programs in our fields of speciality.


Why choose us?

Our size, flexibility and multi-disciplinary background allow us to offer a genuinely personalised and focused service. 

Our services will assist you to achive the best results in litigation and ensure your resources are deployed most effectively.  

We bring years of experience and knowledge in our practice areas. We provide a personalised and client customised service in keeping with our ethos of excellence & efficiency.

For law firms we provide a valuable external resource bringing cost-effective expertise in areas relevant to civil litigation ensuring the best outcome. For individuals and commercial organisations we can assist you to avoid wasting money on fruitless litigation and to ensure that any dispute is resolved in the most commercially pragmatic manner. Taking sound advice before embarking on a formal process and instructing lawyers can save you or your organisation much time and money.

Where litigation becomes necessary we can provide court representation at all levels.

Whether you are a law firm, commercial organisation or individual our expert legal programs will provide you with invaluable insight and knowledge in key areas of civil law and practice.