Graeme Wood

Title: Barrister

Graeme Studied English literature under A.A. Dudman of St Edmund Hall, Oxford University which imbued in him a passion for words and vocabulary. This in turn led him to pursue a legal career in which the use and impact of language has a special significance.

He was a pupil in the leading maritime and commercial chambers of Anthony Clarke QC who was subsequently the first High Court Judge to be appointed directly to the Supreme Court. His pupil supervisors included Nigel Teare QC (later Mr Justice Teare) and Belinda Bucknall QC. Thereafter he practised as an Associate Attorney in Barcelona, Spain headed by one of the most notable Spanish civil and maritime lawyers of his generation, Ignacio Arroyo Martinez.

For several years Graeme held academic appointments at the London School of Economics and The School of Oriental and African Studies where he presented the renowned Law of Obligations course for a decade alongside Professor Andrew Huxley. He also taught as Associate Professor of European Civil Litigation at the University of Notre Dame. He also taught the law in his specialist areas to lawyers and judges on the national professional lecture circuit.

As a Barrister in private practice Graeme brings his substantial experience in the law and highly effective skills as an advocate. His powerful advocacy was commented upon by the High Court in 2023. He has had notable victories in the County Court, High Court, and the Court of Appeal.

Graeme is available for instruction in the following areas:

  • Commercial Litigation
  • Contract litigation (business and consumer)
  • Contentious Chancery and probate including Inheritance Act claims.
  • Property law including commercial and residential landlord and tenant.
  • Equitable claims including trusts and other equitable remedies
  • Family law including Financial Remedies, TOLATA claims and Children matters
  • Common law claims including negligence, nuisance and other claims in tort
  • Private International Law including disputes as to jurisdiction and enforcment of foreign judgments
  • Disciplinary and regulatory matters (GMC, NMC, Social Work England and other bodies).
  • Travel law disputes.

See Graeme presenting a recent case before the Court of Appeal;

Specialist Practice Areas

Commercial, business and contract law practice Consultancy, advice, drafting, dispute resolution, advocacy in the following areas

  • Commercial and consumer contract disputes
  • Sale and supply of goods and services
  • Advising on contract remedies including money and non-money claims
  • Advice and representation on pre-contract issues including misrepresentation
  • Issues arising from non-performance and repudiation of commercial contracts
  • Advising on vitiating events
  • Interpretation and construction issues
  • Claims concerning carriage by air, road rail and sea

Civil Procedure practice Consultancy, advice, drafting, dispute resolution and advocacy in the following areas:

  • All aspects of the Civil Procedure Rules
  • Small, Fast Track and Multi-Track Applications in the County Court
  • High Court and Appellate Court Applications, hearings and trials
  • Setting aside applications
  • Specialised interim applications e.g. Pre-Action Disclosure (PAD) Applications and Norwich Pharmacal Applications
  • Interim remedy Applications including freezing and other interim orders 
  • Drafting of documentation required for proceedings including statements of case and Witness Statements


Chancery and Family Practice

  • Equitable claims including claims under the Trusts of Land and Appointment of Trustees Act
  • Contentious Trusts claims
  • Inheritance Act Claims
  • Applications for Financial remedies before the Family Courts
  • Private Children Act proceedings
  • Contentious probate disputes


Real Property Practice

  • Commercial and Residential landlord and tenant disputes
  • Disputes concerning statutory and other forms of leases and licenses
  • Service charge disputes
  • Commercial and residential boundary disputes
  • Access to neighbouring land disputes
  • Proprietary estoppel
  • Wills and intestacy
  • Trusts of Land and Appointment of Trustees Act issues
  • Litigation involving equitable issues


Common law Practice Consultancy, advice, drafting, dispute resolution and advocacy in the following areas:

  • All areas of common law including professional and non-professional negligence
  • Non-contractual economic and pure economic loss claims 
  • Personal injury including psychiatric injury claims
  • Advising on specialist issues relating to contribution and causation
  • Non-negligence common law claims including nuisance and misfeasance claims
  • Harassment claims under the Protection from Harassment Act 1997
  • Equality Act 2010 claims
  • Reputational damage claims including privacy and breach of confidentiality.


Disciplinary, Regulatory and Compliance Practice

  • Representation of professionals before Regulatory bodies
  • Representation at Inquests and Statutory and other forms of Inquiry
  • Advocacy before the Coroners Courts

Cross Border including EU law and Practice Consultancy, advice, drafting, dispute resolution and advocacy in the following areas:

  • Cases having a  foreign element
  • Cross border contract and non-contractual matters
  • Jurisdiction issues involving the EU
  • Choice of court and jurisdiction Agreements
  • Staying proceedings before the courts in England and Wales
  • Anti-suit injunctions to prevent proceedings abroad
  • Parallel proceedings in different jurisdictions
  • Cross Border flight delay claims  (EU 261/2004)
  • Interim remedies in cross border cases
  • Enforcement of judgments and other orders from EU members states and other jurisdictions

Academic Graeme is Associate Professor of European Civil and Commercial Litigation at the University of Notre Dame. His teaching areas include:

  • Legal instruments governing civil and commercial litigation in the EU
  • Jurisdiction under Brussels I and Brussels Recast
  • Choice of law issues under the Rome I and II Regulations
  • Remedies in EU Civil and Commercial Litigation including pre-emptive remedies
  • Enforcing foreign judgments from the EU and Non -EU countries
  • Proof of and exclusion of foreign laws
  • Staying proceedings before the courts in England and Wales
  • Anti-suit injunctions restraining foreign proceedings
  • Lis alibi pendens and  parallel proceedings
  • Choice of court and jurisdiction Agreements
  • The European approach to United States judgments
  • Arbitration and European Commercial Litigation







Almona Choudhury

Title: Practice Manager


Almona has Legal training & practice experience at the highest level, substantial experience in the commercial sector in the UK & USA & is an established entrepreneur in the real estate, retail and educational sectors.

Career Bio

She graduated in law in 1991 and after studying at the Inns of Court School of Law was trained in leading commercial chambers at 4 Pump Court, Temple, London. She is a member of The Honourable Society of Lincoln's Inn.

Aside from her legal background, she has a 20 year track record of entrepreneurship in the property, retail and legal sectors. She has been involved in developing a family retail, restaurant and property empire in London having a multi-million pound turnover and asset stock. This includes substantial Georgian town houses in front of the British Museum, rental stock across North London and Stoke Newington’s largest restaurant outlet. For many years she headed the provision of in-house legal services across the range of businesses, involving high level contractual and property transactions.

In the 1990's ahw collaborated with Graeme Wood and US giant Harcourt Brace in introducing ground-breaking US legal education programmes in the United Kingdom, the Republic of Ireland and the Far East. Almona is committed to excellence in the field of legal training and services and her legal, commercial and educational background enable her to provide a most effective service to clients.