Academic Support

We provide tuition, support and masterclass sessions for those studying on LL.B. LLM and GDL courses. Our LLB and LLM support is suitable for candidates studying internally and for those seeking support for distance-learning programs including the University of London International Program

Why use Masterclass and other support services to boost your performance and grades?

The legal training world is an ultra-competitive one. Gaining a training contract has been described as ‘ridiculously competitive’. Gaining a pupillage is perhaps an even more exacting task. Whilst law firms and chambers look for rounded individuals and external activities are relevant, the basic selection criteria are intellectual and academic achievement. If you are to be successful as a candidate in either branch of the profession the higher your grades the greater your chances of successful entry to the profession. Even if you do not intend to pursue a career in the legal profession the better your grades the more impressive a candidate you will present in an ultra-competitive employment market.

Why Choose us?

We have outstanding experience in the delivery of academic law programs with leading law schools including the London School of Economics, King’s College, London, QMUL and SOAS University of London and with leading academics from US law Schools including Cornell and the George Washington University. Our knowledge of the law is not solely theoretical derived from the pages of a textbook or through Ph.D. research but through both scholarship and the law as it is applied in practice in the heat of applications and hearings before District Judges, Circuit Judges and the Appellate court judiciary. We bring the law ‘out of the textbook’ and place it in its real-world context.

How we can assist you to your best performance?

We will fine-tune not only your knowledge and understanding of the black-letter law at the heart of your studies but your legal analytical skills and exam technique. Our years of experience will help you achieve a global understanding of the jigsaw that is English common law, a thorough understanding of individual subject areas and a mastery of the external influences that have shaped English law as it is today.

There are 2 ways we can help you maximise your academic performance;


Live Masterclasses

Designed to maximise your exam performance in individual core areas. Excellent for helping your understanding of problem areas, enhancing your existing knowledge and understanding or a key aid to revision.

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Individual/Group Tuition Plans

We can provide focussed forensic tuition with a senior lawyer and legal academic. Our tuition plans can be tailored to meet your individual needs.

To discuss individual/Group tuition plans please call 020 7117 2065.