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My first blog

19-January-2017 17:37
in General
by Admin

My first Blog!!


This is a new adventure for me so please forgive if I make a fool of myself or write something that offends. It is, after all, my first proper foray into social media where apparently perils lurk!


As I have diligently gone through my contacts list and bombarded my friends and acquaintances with news of my imminent article via blog, most of you will know me. However, for the purposes of completeness and particularly for those who are strangers to me, I shall briefly introduce myself.


My name is Almona Choudhury and I am a mother of a 13 year old son (an enfant unique) who until 6 years ago was home schooled by me throughout. So no kindergarten nor indeed child minders (save for his grandmere on a few occasions), I did it on my own and my way. With a little help from my best friend and confidente.


My son was affectionately named Pushkin (after the great Russian poet and philosopher) by my mother and the name has had huge significance which I shall elaborate on at another juncture. For the purposes of this, my maiden article, it is suffice to say that I am embarking on a journey after having taken a 10 year sabbatical. Scary huh? Yes indeed!


So a New Year and very much a fresh start. This seems to align with what’s happening in a global sense with a sea of change in politics, particularly Stateside. I am looking forward to the inauguration of The President Elect tomorrow and am a firm believer of embracing change when there has been  democratic expression. He is our first social media President and I am confident he will make America  great again or at the very least, give it a damned good try! We have enough of our plate on this side of the pond to be getting on with. I hope you all agree.


Until tomorrow!