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a new era

20-January-2017 20:28
in General
by Admin

The inauguration of the 45th US President dominated. The President’s speech was simple, strong and consistent with his rallying cries throughout his campaign. His lobbying slogan ‘Make America Great Again’ and ‘America First’ both featured in his inaugural address. 


His speech on the main outlined his promises on the domestic front to reinstate pride and economic order for the benefit of all, in particular 'the forgotten men and women of our country'. 'Hire American, Buy American' was his mantra.

On international affairs his stance remains the same; to bring industry back to American shores and look to foreign nations to do their bit. Perhaps his most ambitious aspiration is to eradicate radical Islamic terrosrim 'from the face of the earth'.

Melania looked exquisite so too the other Trump women. I sign off before the parade begins.