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23-January-2017 17:55
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by Admin

I am pleased to write about an amazing recent discovery of a coral reef at the mouth of the Amazon river! This exciting news is, however, tinged with sadness as an oil company threatens to drill for oil nearby. As we know this type of exploration brings about a real possibility of an oil spillage and which will inevitably cause devastation not only to wildlife but to humanity too.

The source of the Amazon river is a magical place and is home to species we have yet to fully discover and a habitat for precious creatures such as turtles, dolphins and manatees (sea cows). Aside from the plethora of animals dependent on the mangroves along the coast, the local fishing community also need clean waters to fish from. One must surely also look to the long term environmental impact. The adage 'We do not inherit the earth from our ancestors; we borrow it from our children' (from author unknown) very much comes into play in these instances.

If you wish TOTAL and our old friends 'Deepwater Horizon Spiller' BP to be halted in their tracks, I strongly advise signing a petition being circulated by Greenpeace. This can be done, after all, from the comfort of your home or office. I am not a member of Greenpeace but respect everything they stand for and so should we all.